“A networker likes to meet people. I don’t. I like accomplishing things in the world. You meet people when you want to accomplish something” – Reid Hoffman

Success in the coaching business, more so than any other, exemplifies the necessity of strong personal relationships. Coaches who reach their full potential are the ones who surround themselves with those individuals who can best help them reach it.

GAME, Inc. specializes in connecting its clients to just these people. With years of experience and an exceptional understanding of university community, GAME, Inc. anticipates opportunities for its coaches and promotes their candidacy. When pursing placement for our coaches, we manage media inquiries, handle references and evaluate potential employment opportunities with the goal of establishing long-term personal and financial well being for our clients. We are their advisers and confidantes on a 24-hour basis, assisting them in developing their careers and achieving their dreams.

Our Expertise Include:

  • Career Management
  • Interview Preparation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Broadcasting Opportunities
  • Public Relations
  • Charitable Endeavors
  • Post-Career Planning

GAME, Inc. has positioned itself to create long term and genuine partnerships that ensure our client’s exposure, establish immediate credibility and guarantee success. Our experience in creating leverage and fundamental understanding of the both the collegiate and professional sports marketplace understanding enables us to identify valuable opportunities and capitalize on relationships.

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