Frequently Asked Questions


As a coach, why do I need representation?
The coaching profession has changed dramatically over the last decade. As the stakes have risen, athletic directors, general managers and team owners have looked for every advantage possible in making the right hiring decisions. Consequentially, coaches have had to readjust and insure that they too are properly protected and proactive in their attempts to position themselves for future opportunities.

Do you represent assistant coaches?
Yes, approximately half of GAME, Inc.’s clients are assistant coaches. During an average college coach hiring cycle, up to 40% of new coaches come from the assistant coaching ranks. GAME, Inc. helps assistants not only position themselves for the possible openings, but through the interview process and the first few months of running their own programs.

Do you represent professional athletes?
No, GAME, Inc. does not represent any athletes. Are representation is limited to coaches, broadcasters, general managers and athletic directors.

Can you get me job?
No! No agent, or anyone else for that matter, can get you a job. At GAME, Inc., we work to help open doors for our clients and position them in the best possible manner to land the interview that will lead them to their dream job.

What if I only have a vague idea for an sports event?
Then you’ve come to the right place. GAME, Inc. is an entrepreneurial company at heart, and thrives when given the opportunity to create from the ground up. Almost all of the properties we help manage had come to us as a mere idea, and GAME, Inc. added the necessary ingredients to make it grow into a reality.

Can you help get my brand in front of sports fans?
Absolutely! GAME, Inc. excels at developing events and collegiate sports properties that help brands reach millions of loyal fans. Our agency focuses on using market-driven incentives as a primary optimizer of our partners and sponsors return on investment.

Can you help optimize our company’s business strategy?
GAME, Inc. prides itself on being one of the foremost authorities in the sports management consulting industry. Our passion is outweighed only by our dedication to help our clients maximize their business efficiency and revenue using the most modern, tested and proven techniques. GAME, Inc. has an impeccable track record of achievement and strives to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations.

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